We have 3 major committees in International Service. Everyone is welcome to get involved in any way you would like to.  Just talk to the committee chair listed next to the committee to find out more.

1) World Community Service (WCS) Committee - (Buddy Dugan)

            This committee works on international projects that the club can support or sponsor such as the Honduras Water project, the Bolivian water project, Polio eradication, wheelchair deliveries, sister cities etc. This committee will filter requests for support and make recommendations to the board and the membership.  It can also coordinate fundraisers in support of such projects, coordinate with other Rotary clubs, Interact or Rotaract clubs or other organizations or churches to cosponsor projects etc. It can work with TRF committee for matching grants funding for projects as well. The committee may coordinate international trips for members to study or implement projects if desired by the club.  Our current projects include support for a Honduran water project, delivering simple, sustainable water purification units to families.  We have supported this project for two years.  We are committed this year to supporting a major water purification project for contaminated water from a mine in rural Bolivia.  If you have new ideas you would like to see us support or educate our members about please contact Buddy and become a part of the WCS committee.

2) International Youth and Exchange - (Renee Collingwood)

            This committee coordinates our hosting and club participation of Rotary Exchange students inbound from foreign countries, as well as the recruitment and support of outbound students from Altus to participate in Youth Exchange abroad.  The committee can also work on club involvement in Group Study Exchanges GSE (inbound or outbound), Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships, Rotary Grants for University Teachers.  In coordination with the Community Service Committee can assist with Rotaract (college level Rotary club) and Interact (high school level Rotary club) sponsorship.   We are currently hosting Paloma Gongora from Brazil and have just begun an new Interact club at Altus High School.  

3) The RotaryFoundation (TRF) Committee - (Larry Duffy)

            This committee tracks and coordinates our participation and contributions to the Rotary International Foundation, the committee can work with WCS in coordination of matching grants from the foundation and fosters awareness and support from the club membership for the Rotary International Foundation through Paul Harris Fellowship and Paul Harris Society member recognition, every member every year donation support and special recognition of major donors etc.